What a heck of a world would be without breakfast?. Most of us love it, although for some peeps is not really their thing.

If you look at the word, you always get at the root of the meaning... any word!. So, "Breakfast" what really describe is an action that is "breaking the fast" you have been on since the last time you ate dinner the previous day.

How you break your fast is not only important when you go through a 24 or 72 hour period without eating, but it is important also every day, every morning of your life. 


Well, how you start your day is the foot print of how your attitude you will incorporate in your day. Let me give you an example: If you start your day with a couple of glasses of pure water it will assist you during your day in making healthier choices for your body by choosing nourishing and caring behaviours... because that is how you started your day and you have imprinted that in your mental, physical and emotional state. Whereas if the first thing you put in your body is a cup of coffee with a muffin, it may indicate that you want to go through your day crushing it and grinding it (great!), but at the expense of your wellness and nutritional intake that is needed to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. It does indicate that your priority is not health, but rather gains. And that's understandable we all have times of our life where we have different priorities, but with this article I hope to inspire you to try healthier alternatives that literally take the same time of brewing a cup of coffee. By the way, I don't have anything against drinking coffee in the morning, but it's good practice to incorporate some nourishing and nutritious food as well. Let me show you how.

It is really a matter of: "Rise and shine". That's exactly it.

What are the options of a healthy brekkie?.

First of all, before "breaking the fast" you need to hydrate your body; it is a gentle and caring way of waking up your internal systems and organs. 

A few options are:

  • Pure water: nothing simpler than this. I usually use a pint glass to drink water and tonics in the morning and I have a full of glass of it (about 500ml). If you have regular glasses, have a couple of those.
  • Circulatory/warming: warm up one pint of pure water, and then mix 1 tsp of raw honey and 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper.
  • Digestive/alkalising: mix two tbsp of raw ACV (apple cider vinegar) with "the mother" (shake gently before pouring) in a pint of pure water. You can warm the water first if you like and also you can add 1/2 or 1 tsp of raw honey if you required a sweet taste to it.
  • Detox/alkalising: mix the fresh, squeezed juice of one lemon into a glass of pure water. The water also with this drink can be warm: if it's warm the cleansing action will work more on the liver and the gallbladder, whereas if you drink it at ambient temperature it will work more in the gut

After your have hydrated the body, now it's literally "showtime": breakfast... yay !! As I have mentioned before... I don't believe there is a standard for everybody, because we are all unique with different qualities and energies. For some people breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for some it's non-existing... they actually skip it!. It usually depends based on your lifestyle, age, priorities, and body constitution.

Having said that, let's have a look at some brekkie's option that you can all utilise.

  • My favourite is fruit: I love eating fruit in the morning!. It's light, but so nutritious with lots of goodness. This is the perfect option if you want to mornings to be the most productive part of the day; you will feel light and so lethargy does not kick in, and at the same time energetic as you consumed lots of vitamins (such as vitamin C that is mood booster... by the way!) and many antioxidants. It's double effect really: you feel good physically due to their intake of fresh, organic fruit, but also mentally because of knowing you  did something healthy and good for you.
  • Another option is to "spice-up" your fruit meal: for example you can put some lovely and creamy yoghurt in the fruit bowl, and why not adding a handful of granola, cacao nibs, and goji berries (this is my favourite combo). You can really come up with amazing fruit bowls and the amazing thing is that you don't need to cook anything: Just grab and drop... it is as simple as that!. It is a great option if you desire a richer and substantial that  breakfast, but at the same you want to feel light and energetic; Deal!.
  • Go liquid: eh eh... this is nice to be honest. You can either have a smoothie with all sorts of ingredients, you can go for a cold-pressed juice as well, or opt for a nut mylk based drink. This is the ideal breakfast if you don't really feel so hungry, maybe because is very early in the morning or for somewhat other reasons, but still want to make sure you are getting nutrients in. I actually do this at the moment: every morning, after the hydration drink, I "break my fast" with a hot chocolate made with one pint of homemade almond/sesame seed mylk, 2 tbsp of raw cacao powder, and 1 tsp of He Shou Wu (great combination!) and I have some fruit towards mid-morning. 
  • "Breakfast is king": let's eat!. If you need and want a larger and more sophisticated type of brekkie this option is for you. I love this one on a Sunday or during holidays, when I have larger breakfasts with a single or multiple dishes. Yum!. Of course most of you already is picturing a lovely porridge type of dish, which is great. This one is pretty much similar to the "Spice up your fruit meal", but instead of yoghurt you are using oats (cooked on the spot or left it soaked throughout the night to soften so they are ready to use in the morning). You can mix porridge with dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, a bit granola to give a bit of crunch... you can also prepare a mousse to go with it, etc. The only issue I see often with porridge based breakfast, from both a personal and inter-personal experience, is that a lot of sweetener is used. Try to avoid this and replace sweetener with fresh or dried fruit instead, and limit the intake of honey or your favourite natural sweetener to 1 tbsp per person. Raw honey is actually great to pair with porridge because the living enzymes and probiotics within the honey will aid the full digestion and breakdown of the complex carbohydrate content of the wholegrain. 
  • "You know what... I am not a brekkie person": there are some people that just don't do well with breakfast. What to do?... nothing. If that's what makes you feel better, then why bother. We don't need to be all alike... at all actually: that would be a boring place to live!. What you can do, if that's your case, is making sure you don't skip the hydration part (see the example above) and then you can make a lovely tea to bring with you in a bottle that keep your drink hot or cold for many hours. You can try a tea made with medicinal mushrooms such as cordyceps or reishi, or you can choose nettle, green tea (or matcha tea), turmeric etc. You can try a cold-press juice as well... not to drink on the spot don't worry ( I know you guys!), but to bring with you and sip throughout your morning. Usually people that don't have breakfast are going through some busy times in their lives, and in addition their digestive system is sensitive, light and delicate. Many people also don't have breakfast because they are doing intermitting fasting which consist in not eating for about 16 to 18 hours; so if their last meal was at 8pm the day before, they would eat their next meal from 12pm or 2pm.

The wrap this all up, the moral of the story is:

  1. hydrate the body before your breakfast.
  2. choose the breakfast you like to have.
  3. we are not all the same: some people have larger breakfast, some people prefer small one... and some people have none. That's okay.
  4. Your breakfast is the footprint of your attitude that will sustain throughout your day.

There is not right or wrong at breakfast time, but there is awareness; become mindful of your choices and of your physical, mental and emotional state. Nourish yourself with whatever makes you feel empowered and assist you to thrive in your life.

I hope this little and friendly article is helpful to you: Let me know down below, what kind of brekkie person you are at the moment. I'd love to know your breakfast routine and choices. 

Until next time, 

Happy Breakfast !