You may know by now that a nutrient-dense, whole food diet is the best for health and wellness and you have probably came to hear as well what food is good for you and what is not.

But still…

Why the majority of people's dietary choices is not aligned with their knowledge-based food guidelines?

One thing is to "know" what to eat and what not to eat from an intellectual perspective, another one is to "feel" what to eat and what not to, from an intuitive and experimented one.

In order to develop a permanent healthy and balanced diet that “knowing” needs not much, or not only, come intellectually, but it requires an intuitional and experience-centered, living background.

This doesn’t happen usually fast and on the spot after a consultation with your nutritionist; it is a process that unfolds slowly, step-by-step, while enjoying your own self-healing journey rather than facing your issues with a goal-oriented attitude only.

Everybody can start immediately to eat very well and very clean, but to make it a long-term result without the feeling of lack, weakness, suppression and guilt people must connect in an intimate level with their diet and with themselves. Otherwise the journey to healthy eating might be a forced, tensed, superficial and always on-the-edge, dormant experience where suppressing dietary habits can cause a burst sooner or later that leads to the return of old patterns with more lust, imbalance and feeling of impotence than ever before.

As an important side note, what I just mentioned is not at all a negative experience, so do not be afraid of it anyway; embrace it and grow from it. There is never a mistake, rather always a learning experience. The most important thing is to start again with more determination and awareness: you are bestowed on a self-development path, and no matter what happens or how much you “fail” (there is not such a thing) you get up and try again stronger than before.

I am sure you have already heard the saying: “It is all about the journey, not the goal”. This is such a profound statement and I invite you to ponder upon it for a while. It brings peace and joy to everyone that embrace this concept, as a goal-oriented mind won’t ever have an end to its quest. But with a journey-oriented mind you are loving every single moment of what you are doing, the process of evolution towards a better version of yourself.

…Avoid suppressing your emotions with food and your food choices with emotions…

While the first part "avoid suppressing your emotions with food" is often brought to the public's awareness by few health articles addressing the subject, I need to point out that the opposite, "and your food choices with emotions"  is also an issue and is part of the same "coin". 

By suppressing your emotions with food you are covering the issue and the opportunity to face it and deal with it, by eating some comfort food that makes you feel good momentarily: it is easy to grasp the issue of doing this. 

But what about the concept of being emotionally attached to your food choices?. That also, in my view, is not optimal for living in peace with your diet. The reason is that emotions are always "in-motion", so by being emotionally static and attached to your diet you are going against the nature of emotion. Let your emotion flow and be assure that when armed with mindfulness gained through experimented and intuitive work the trajectory of that flow will be always constructive and expansive. 

What you eat is very important, but the awareness you put into your eating patterns is even more important in order to establish a coherent relationship with food. Nutrition is not all there is to health and longevity; it plays a vital and determining factor to it, but it is not all. Movement, proper breathing, relationships, sleep and relaxation, dreams and aspirations are some of the many aspects of each and every one that need to be in harmony for your wellbeing to fully blossom. Each of those areas of life effect the other, and by acquiring nutritional stability you have more energy and clarity for the rest of your life’s ambitions and experiences.

Your Motive first

To establish a clear reason of why you are seeking to improve your dietary habits is very important and it is the foundational aspect of your nutritional wellbeing. Whatever you learn about diet and nutrition and whatever you do with it lies above your “motive”.

Ask yourself this question and answer it with honesty and compassion.


The answer to the above question is literally the electrical current behind your food choices.

Your wants for eating healthy may vary: you might need to improve your physical health or you want to balance your mental and emotional health, maybe you want to increase your day-to-day productivity and efficiency; it can be you want to embark on a health journey for curiosity and new experiences, or just simply because it makes sense to eat the way nature intended. Once established the motive you need to keep this electrical current, your motive, turned ON at all times, so that you are leading food related choices from an inner source of authenticity, and hustle-free discipline and determination.

The best way to do that is to live with purpose: in alignment with your passions, goals and missions that drive yourself to be on top of your life. That way, you are constantly working to better yourself in all life’s aspects and you totally abolish any feelings of guilt and lust by developing the understanding that what you eat everyday matters, and the occasional treat can be enjoyed with serenity as you are standing strong on your developed nutritional awareness and bathed with feelings of self-love which expand towards unconditional love and gratitude: the key to health and happiness.

May these words spark the inner light of wisdom which is inside of you.