Keeping a balanced nutrition daily seems already a big challenge due to the overwhelming presence of processed food within the aisle of common supermarkets, or with the weekends' indulgences among friends and family and many other occasions that distract you from the well-structured lifestyle you are committed to. Emotional swings can also trigger compulsive behaviour like eating food that soothe and ameliorate our emotional wounds rather than our physical health.

But the fact that you are trying to improve your diet day in and day out is a blessing you are doing to yourself. So, keep up the good work and let's have a look now at what dietary challenges can show up when travelling abroad and how we can implement practical strategies to shield our nutrition with mindfulness and determination.

Going abroad is such a wonderful experience that expand our experiences and enrich our life. Imagine how wonderful it would be, if you can maintain the state of a balanced nutrition by feeding your body the right elements during your holiday: the whole experience is enhanced to say the least!.

As an important side note, please enjoy your time abroad and do not restrict your food choices to the point you feel weird and unaccustomed: remember that what is really important is what you do every day of the year, rather than what you do on special occasions!.

Unless you really need to be rigid on your diet for specific health conditions, the following guidelines will help you to buffer your eatery abroad with healthy nutrients and strategies. The idea is to introduce more of the good stuff, rather than cutting out the bad ones... and believe me the more you introduce healthy choices in your life, the less you will crave negative ones.

Now, let's fly straight into it, shall we?. 

  • First and foremost, before you travel , make sure you have all the supplies to bring with you like essential nutritional supplement and/or herbal supplements, essential oils, flower remedies etc. that you use on a daily basis. It's good practice to take also an "Extra" supply of things can be helpful in case you need them like Arnica gel and colloidal silver for example. For instance, I usually take with me my essentials: Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Tissue Salts, Magnesium, MSM, Omega-3 and a Green-superfood powder. And often my "extras" are: Colloidal Silver, Lavender and Frankincense essential oil, and Echinacea. 
  • Apply your daily routine abroad: If you normally meditate in the morning and at night, meditate in the morning and at night on your holidays as well; if you drink lemon water or ACV (apple cider vinegar) tonic in the morning do the same on your holidays; If you dry skin brush, If you exercise, if you laugh for 10 minutes no-stop (laughter therapy) in the morning keep it up also during your time abroad. If you drink lots of water stick to it, If you floss your teeth at night go for it. You got the point. By doing so, you are reinforcing the neural circuits in your brain that you have built through your self-healing journey that are associated with healthy living and you are less likely to being affected by external influences outside of you: this is a great sign that you are standing strong and building your life on properly planted roots that you are tacking responsibility to nourish properly in order for the beautiful tree of life to grow and expand healthily.
  • Think and act on your own terms: do not let others opinion, habits and plans effect you if you don't want to. For example, if your family or your friends eat usually quite late in the evening (9.30-10pm), and you understand that is not the right time to eat, work out a strategy around it. You could cook something on your own earlier and then maybe sit down with your friends and family with a cup of tea while they are eating dinner.
  • If you are going to visit your family, or friends that you are planning to visit regularly, I suggest to invest in buying a good-quality juicer that you can leave at their place: every time you come back to visit then, you are assured you can get plenty of nutritious and healthy juices. By the way good juicers can also made nut milks, so that is a great addition!. You can also buy a small blender for smoothies, pates, dips, sauces etc, and a coffee grinder for your milled nuts and seeds is lovely to have if you visit the place regularly. Otherwise just some pre-packaged milled seeds such as flax and chia seeds is fine for a short-term fix. 
  • Exercise first thing in the morning so that you have the rest of the day available to enjoy your holiday time. Mindful exercise with always something fresh and challenging in each session, without over-doing it is best.
  • When eat out, know the place beforehand by reading the menu, the reviews online and if you have special dietary requirements it is great idea to call them up and speak with the chef directly; Most of the time the kitchen staff will be very happy to create something different outside their usual menu dishes just for you!.
  • Bring always a bottle of water with you at all times: keep yourself hydrated, so that the brain function smoothly and you are less tempted to crave unhealthy choices.
  • Fill you backpack with healthy snacks, such as activated nuts and seeds, dry fruit, raw crackers, fresh-homemade food, cold-pressed juices and green drinks. Also, take with you your superfood powder/tablets: this is really helpful when for example you are with a group of people and they all stop in a place to have something to eat, but nothing really suit you and/or does looks healthy. At that point if you don't want to just nor eat anything, ask for a glass of water at the barista and mix your lovely superfood powder in it. Still feel a bit unsatisfied? Then is time to much on those activated nuts and seeds/ trial mix and enjoy your time in company of your family and friends with full control over your food choices.

Apply as many as you can of the above suggestions and you will create a strong shield between your healthy attitudes and any outsider influencers.

Have a great time abroad!.