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I love bringing you awareness about the interconnectedness of life, so you become empowered and thrive at your full potential.

I use the cellular - human - cosmos approach, which bring the wholistic anatomy and physiology of your flesh-body, energy-mind and soul-cosmos at the centre of your self-healing journey.

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  • Success is not determined by what you achieve, but how you enjoy the long journey towards it.

    Health makes the journey to your personal and professional goals an exciting ride.

    True success is achieved only when you have transformed yourself into the master of your life, by managing all its different aspects… Nutrition and lifestyle are one of those.

    This is why I am here. I am here to say: “The food you eat DOES have the potential to”:
    - improve your mental focus
    - accelerate your learning abilities
    - enhances your communication skills
    - helps you to connect with your inner world
    - helps with clear thinking
    - improve your self confidence
    - boost your positive qualities
    - … and much more

    What you eat matters. It as simple as that.

    How it Works:
    Bookings will close ONE WEEK before the event, to allow me the right time to collect and work on the data you will provide. All I want from you prior the session are digital files which I will provide for you to fill in and send to me.
    1 - A three days food diary
    2 - A general health-questionnaire

    During the event
    In the first part of the consultation I will give you a personalised handout with my dietary suggestions and guidelines based on my holistic nutritional approach and the info I have collected from you. I will talk you through the handout in an open forum so that everybody can learn from others circumstances and conditions. The rest of the half hour will be about discussing, questions and answer session (like a forum) about diet and nutrition, with particular attention on the relevant commonalities of the group.

    After the event
    I offer a FREE 10 minutes phone feedback-call one week after the event, so that we can discuss how you are going and see how the suggestion I have made are working for you.

    I hope to see you there. Dream Big !.

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    Your overview of my nutritional needs and exercise needs, together with detailed meals plans have really inspired me with the confidence to take responsability for my healthcare knowing that your advice is based on meticolous research and tried methodology. You offered me outstanding customer care in a relaxing environment.
    Akua R.
  • Dissociating my body from my mind led to me never actually being able to fully heal. Just being reminded about this from Adriano, really catalyst pathways for me to explore with food and healing. The session, and the advice I was given after was really great. Adriano aims to provide a treatment of the whole body and soul... holistically, biodynamically and synergistically.
    Francesca W.
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    I noticed the results quite immediately. By gaining an understanding of what happens when I eat certain food made it easier for me to follow the nutritional plan and see my energy levels and self-confidence surprisingly go up. Now, for example, I can sense when I am eating processed food, or taking in more sugar than I should, and I am always aware of my nutritional choices. It also resulted in some considerate weight loss.
    Irene A.

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